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Feeling exhausted and discouraged, in October McClain sought the help of a professional, personalized matchmaking service called Three Day Rule — but not the Fiddler on the Roof Yenta-type. Three Day Rule and other matchmaking companies like it take a modern approach — finding matches for their clients and offering date coaching while also helping to optimi z e online profiles.

The frustrations of online dating may have actually made way for modern matchmaking companies. For example, Pew finds that one in five online daters has asked for help — generally from a friend — with their profile and 31 percent say that online dating keeps people from settling down because there are always options.

Kat McClain felt burned out by the dating scene, so she decided to enlist the help of Three Day Rule, a modern matchmaker company. McClain told her matchmaker, Alexa Geistman, what she was looking for a serious relationship, and they spent months getting to know each other. Then Geistman went to work.

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I ask them all the tough questions," Geistman says. The company also has a database of 90, singles — and partnerships with online dating companies like Match, OkCupid, Christian Mingle and J-Date. The service doesn't come cheap. Alexa Geistman, Three Day Rule dating coach, helps clients with anything from vetting potential dates to crafting responses to online messages. Geistman vetted potential dates for McClain, and she also encouraged her to continue her search online.

It Takes Two to Make a Match

To that end, Geistman helped McClain craft responses to online dating messages, revamped her online dating profiles, took professional photos and suggested she write about herself more generally. But that's not fair.

The fact that you've watched 30 Rock as many times as me is not a good indicator of compatibility long term. McClain says the advice has helped her become a better online dater. Geistman suggested McClain needs someone with a quiet confidence who shares the same values as her. Biely, who's 35 years old and works in e-commerce for a nonprofit, was in Three Day Rule's database, and Geistman introduced him to McClain over email. The two set up a first date last month — and allowed producers from Morning Edition to record their conversation over dinner.

So with McClain, I kind of told her that less is more on a first date," Geistman said. Despite the awkward setup with mics at their table, the conversation is constant. They even seem to revel in wearing mics and having a photographer with them in the dark, lively restaurant. As conversation flows, they become less conscious of the microphones and flashing camera and focused on each other, bonding over having been in military families and about dating. The chemistry was clear. They talked so long, they closed out the restaurant — after they split an ice cream sundae.

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