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Dating scam victims not reporting incidents, ACCC says. Aussies lose millions to romance scams, investment fraud: Investment scams tricking Australians out of millions. Unreported dating scams rife Australians are delivering millions into the hands of scammers in the hope of romance and love with many incidents unreported.

Tips to avoid online scams Always consider the possibility that an approach may be a scam Be cautious when sharing pictures or videos with prospective partners Do a reverse image search to check if photos have been stolen or used elsewhere Be alert to things such as spelling and grammar mistakes or inconsistencies in stories Be wary of requests for money Never send money, credit card or online account details to anyone you don't know If you agree to meet a prospective partner tell family and friends where you are going Be careful about how much personal information you share on social networking sites Source: From ABC South East SA Football clubhouse fire devastates town, but Saints vow to break four-year losing streak Nangwarry Football Club destroyed by 'deliberately lit' fire It's a snake-eat-snake world for one of Australia's most venomous Three first-time vegans explain why they're cutting out animal products this January Inside the classroom of an ARIA award winner Mobile treatment truck lets dialysis patients bond over rare beach holiday Saving Australia's last 1, south-eastern red-tailed black-cockatoos.

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How To Recognize Ukrainian and Russian Online Dating Scam!

Hundreds are falling on longest escalator in the Southern Hemisphere 'Let us live our life': Nobody requires the travelers to have a certain amount of cash on them when they exit the country. The scammer is most likely to try to continue "milking" the victim for additional amounts. For example, she can sadly announce that. If she was robbed, all the girl's documents including the visa and the tickets and the insurance money will be gone without a trace. If the girl got hit by a car or beaten up by the bad street people on her way to the airport, the girl's " relative" "mom", "sister", "aunt", even "friend" will write to the victim explaining "the tragedy" that happened.

Sometimes ever a "doctor" will write explaining the extensiveness of the girl's injuries and the costs of the treatment. The victim may even send some money for hospital bills.

Maybe they have a conscience, or maybe they just don't think anyone would fall for the same trick twice. Some scammers will start getting out of the relationship little by little.

They will start to write only once a week, then once every two weeks, and even less claiming that their work keeps them too busy to write. Others disappear on the way to the first meeting and reappear a week or two later with a very sad story of being beaten and robbed by a taxi driver.

Sooner or later most victims realize that they are being taken advantage of and stop sending money. If you feel that our article was useful and helped you to avoid being scammed by a con artist, please consider showing your support to our web site. Actually, in most cases it is not difficult at all, and if you know what things to look for, you will be almost scam-proof on your own. Her profile says that she is from the US, but later she tells you that she is actually from Russia, and that the US location was a mistake, or that she couldn't select "Russia" from list of countries.

She says that it is her first attempt to find romance online, and that she picked your profile because she liked it. Lots of her pictures are pretty enticing so to speak. Pictures of her laying on her bed and giving you "come and take me" look , in her bra, nude covering her breasts with her hands, unbuttoning her shirt, winking at you while laying naked in bed, in bikini on a beach, swimming in water, showing off her boobs, raising her skirt, turning her nude back to you, etc.

In general, pictures are posed as to seduce a guy. Watch out, that's a huge warning sight. The more pictures of that kind she sends, the bigger the chance that she is up to no good. Sincere ladies save those kind of pictures until much later in the relationship. Her pictures has numbers corresponding with the number of the letter ex. This is usually a clear indication of pre-written correspondence. The file name of her pictures has a different first name than her own ex; "Katya7.

Russian Scammers: Email Scams

Very few real girls have so many pictures available or ever fewer giving them numeric names. Her life story is very sad. Her mom died during the child delivery, or her dad died in the line of duty as a policemen, or her dad abandoned the family, or something like that. She tells you that in her first or second letter. She has a friend who met a guy from Germany, she got her visa and now she lives in Germany with her beloved.

Aussies losing out to dating scams

Since a lot of correspondence needs to be handled, most of their letters are prewritten. In fact, we believe that the scammers have at least 50 different prewritten letters, to fit lots of situations. This is their weakest point, since once we have a couple of examples of any particular scammer "letters", we can easily spot them again among hundreds of other letters. Because the letters are prewritten, they are VERY generic. Most of the time they just create the appearance of a personal letter, and as such consist mainly of long descriptions of what happened today, the "girl's" favorite things to do, weather conditions, relationships with her mom, etc "today I have been eating a fruit salad.

I love fruit salads and eat then often". The questions you ask will not be answered in the middle if the letter, but maybe as a P. Your name will not appear in the letter. Instead, there will be lots of "sweet darling", "my new friend", "honey", "my love" and anything like this. Your name will be only mentioned once or twice at the beginning or the end of the letter.

Your name may appear in a different font than the rest of the letter.

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Sometimes the questions you have asked don't get answered at all, or are answered a few letters later - sometimes because there is too much correspondence going on the girl forgets who asked what, or sometimes because you asked the "wrong" questions. She asks you to excise her for not answering your questions because "her English is not very good". The girl asks you some questions you have discussed before for example, she would ask you if you like this and that while you have told her before that you do or do not like it. The girl will make some little mistakes like mentioning different dates of her birthday, or different color of her eyes or hair, than the girl in the picture has.

The girl will sign her letter with a different female name several scammers actually did they - they much have too much correspondence going on to pay attention. If asked about that slip up, she will explain it away somehow, like it is her Christian name which is different from her real name, etc.

The girl will start to develop some strong feelings toward you within an unusually short period of time - less than 2 weeks of correspondence. Honest Russian girls are very careful and guarded when talking about their feelings.

Usually the words "love" and "marriage" will come not earlier than a few months of knowing each other closely. They do not fall in love from the first picture. The girl will start sending you kisses and call you "darling" or "sunshine" or "my best friend" after letters. The girl will sign her letters: The girl will talk a lot about trust and understanding, telling you that she always trusts people she is dealing with.

That is supposed to make you think that she herself is a very honest person. Her "love" will grow fast and strong with every single letter and in a couple of weeks or so she will be completely crazy about you. Again, this would be very unusual for honest Russian girls who know that real feelings need time to develop and to be tested.

She will mention that her friends and colleagues at work started to notice that she daydreams a lot and suggested that she may be in love. She will start sending more and more revealing pictures of herself or describe her sexual dreams about you.

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You can ask yourself who made those erotic pictures and for what purpose - or ask her, and see what she answers. Just for your information - the vast majority of Russian girls would never even think of sending a picture of themselves in their underwear to a person they hardly know. They probably wouldn't have such pictures at all. The girl will start describing an urgent desire to meet you in person within a month or so of correspondence.

The girl will start imagining your first meeting usually when SHE arrives at the airport in great detail with lots of sexual hints passionate kisses, "embracing you gently", "feeling your body under your clothes", etc. Your suggestion of coming to her country to meet her first is for some reason rejected. For example, the girl can tell you that traveling to Russia is too dangerous for you, or that she "does not like Russia".

Very strong scammer alert - usually honest girls would prefer if you would come to visit them first, so they could introduce you to their family and make sure that you are what you say and you yourself are not a scam. Proof of a face-to-face meeting within the past two years is required for obtaining a US K-1 fianc? She says she will get a tourist visa B1.

A call from 'Aleksandra'

Please check with your country's Embassy for more information!