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Study shows most online daters seek more desirable mates Aug 12th , 7: Just 8 thoughts you'll have while trying to find the love of your life on Tinder Aug 5th , 6: Meath man convicted of raping woman he met on dating app Jun 18th , 8: Creator of Tinder-style app for polygamists 'just wants to help' unmarried women Oct 7th , 8: Have you tried online dating? Apr 24th , Japan court upholds death sentence for 'black widow' who killed three boyfriends Apr 14th , 5: Catholic group fails to shut down 'immoral' infidelity dating site Feb 12th , 6: Looking to meet people online?

Then be a humble, "real" person Jul 23rd , 9: Dating website apologises for calling red hair and freckles 'imperfections' Apr 12th , 9: Have you ever dated someone you met online? Apr 1st , 9: This guy completely lost it over text when his Tinder date cancelled Mar 10th , 6: Founder of 'white people' dating site says he's not racist as he dated a black woman once Jan 5th , 7: The 17 greatest Tinder smackdowns of Dec 23rd , 1: They Really Said This. This girl freaked a guy out on Tinder by informing him that women pee Oct 14th , 7: This guy has taken his Tinder game to a whole new level of cringe Aug 3rd , 4: People tell us why and how they use Tinder Jul 27th , Jun 22nd , A website that helps people find affairs has been hacked - along with personal information May 24th , 1: Dublin people think they're really sexy Mar 25th , 9: Is your name one of the most attractive in online dating?

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Mar 11th , 8: Seek muscular male with quality rump? Irish bulls could soon be online dating Jan 10th , 5: Oh What A Night. Looking for love in ? Tonight could be your lucky night Jan 4th , 4: Here's how Connect 4 could get you a date on Tinder Jan 1st , 1: This Instagram account is collecting the absolute worst men on Tinder Nov 3rd , 9: A woman got stuck in a chimney while breaking into the home of a guy she met online Oct 21st , 7: Turning Netflix into an online dating site might be the best idea ever Oct 10th , 8: This 'social experiment' sent people on Tinder dates wearing fat suits Sep 25th , 7: Do you use online dating services?

Aug 29th , 9: Most viewed articles in the past 24 hours. Most commented articles in the past 3 days. The Rock Let Dwayne Johnson's 'snowflake generation' comments be a reminder not to believe everything you read online.

Here's What Happened Today: Birth Cert 'If something happens to me, my wife would have no rights to her own daughter': Families criticise government for law delay. Jim McGuinness lands coup with appointment of ex-Athletic Bilbao coach as assistant. Cup magic Ireland's Keogh scores the winning penalty as Derby dump out Southampton. How to enter the world of makeup if you are a complete and total beginner.

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Seven beauty resolutions genuinely worth making for Dealing with a scabby friend and a man who finds his new mot irritating - it's time for Dear Fifi. Being somewhat overweight is okay. Sucks if you are balding with curly red hair! Being overweight and having salt and pepper hair. Blond hair is very good. Posted by -Alexander Stone and Stephen David at 8: Here's a funny little video by Hoops and YoYo not sure who they are? The video made us chuckle, so we figured we'd share!

What can we learn from this? Don't be that desparate guy, begging for a date. Dinner and a movie is a crappy date idea. Aren't you supposed to get to know someone on a date?

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Not sit silently staring at a screen. Out of curiosity- anyone ever try singing to a girl to ask her out? How did it turn out? Posted by -Alexander Stone and Stephen David at 5: Go on a date , hoops and yoyo , hoopsandyoyo , how about a date?

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We just heard about it and checked out the video of her hair pulling, punching, elbowing and kicking! Apparently she has apologized for her actions. If you have not seen the video, it is embedded below. What does this have to do with dating? Well, we have also embedded a great Elizabeth Lambert's Dating Video.

Posted by -Alexander Stone and Stephen David at 7: So it seems Pepsi has decided to piss some women off by launching an iPhone app that breaks women down into 24 types and provides pickup lines to try on them. Check out the video below for a complete breakdown of what the app does. If you search twitter you'll see how many women are pissed about this! Let's face it, it's supposed to be funny and it's targeted at guys age Here is the YouTube clip: Posted by -Alexander Stone and Stephen David at 2: AMP up before you score , app , iphone.

Order a copy of our book, 'The Process - How to go from a First Contact to a First Meeting with a woman you met online' , by on the "buy now" button below. Top 10 things to remember about online dating: No one is perfect. Your profile should honestly describe who you are.

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No one looks exactly like their picture. Learn from your mistakes. Have goals and a plan to achieve them. Know what you want in a person and from a relationship. Remember it takes two to tango. Enter a relationship with a clean slate, don't let the actions of others poison a new relationship. Depending on past problems this maybe difficult and should not be confused with learning from your mistakes.

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Nothing worth while is easy. We said that twice, it's that important.