Girlfriend still on dating website

Girlfriend is a strong word, but I recently just became exclusive with this woman I had been dating for two months.

New girlfriend is still using dating website!

I'm really attracted to her, but I have trust issues due to past relationships. I met her on a dating website that I don't even go on anymore because she's the only one I wanna be with. She told me the same. I created a fake account just to see if she still logs on strong insecurity issues, I know and she was online today.

I don't care if I'm a psycho for creating the fake account, I wanna know if I have a loyal one before this relationship goes any further, and for peace of mind. Anyone else been in the same predicament? Wouldn't you wanna know? Simple, just tell her that you closed your dating account and if she has done the same. Her answer will give you the answer you are looking for. She will either tell the truth that she was active for whatever reason which while bad is a good sign she was honest or she will lie to your face in which you leave.

Would she lose her sh! Damn straight she would! Its not crazy to go about the sneaky route with a fake profile.

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Im sure many people here, I included, have done that before. But anyways, make sure you define your relationship with this woman. If she says yes, we are exclusive, than any social dating site needs to go away asap.

That is a no brainer, and if you honestly have to explain to her why she must delete them, then do yourself a favor and bounce before you get any more emotionally involved with this idiot. Im not gonna marry her, just wanna take it to the bone zone. Its not a big deal LOL! Tell her the dating profiles need to be deleted. One less you need to worry about. There's always a new bus every 15 minutes. If you woke up broke, you had no business going to bed. Time to go no contact.

Delete and block number and move on. Originally Posted by RyanLeee. If it's tinder and you swiped until you saw her profile and it said Active X hours ago I'd seriously breakup. Originally Posted by alexfrank Originally Posted by foreveravirgin. Funny thing is this girl flipped out when we first started dating when she would see me online on the dating site which is hypocritical because if you see me online, you're using the dating site too lol. Told her that we barely knew each other and we weren't exclusive, so I don't see the problem.

But now that we're a few months into this, she's the only one in the picture. I cut off ties with other girls I was talking with because that's the respectful thing to do, but I guess that was a mistake. Last edited by MeFromG; at Here is what you do. Create a profile with an attractive male Message her and see how it goes. I keep pushing because I think I'm untouchable. But I'll learn the hard way because I'm only a popcorn fart away from a 30 day ban. Originally Posted by Lightsoft.

This seems like the pretty level-headed route to go. Glad to see I'm not alone man. Could only imagine how much it hurt that your girl of 3 years did that to you, and I'm over here tripping out over someone I've only seen for a few months. Originally Posted by Mumra. Put up some pics of a hot dude and send her a message inquiring about something in her profile and non sexual. If she's still looking, you accept it or you don't.

The whole thing is pretty black and white.


People that OLD are addicted to it. I had my OKC profile for my entire 1 year relationship. I logged in fairly regularly out of habit and to do some quizzes and kill time. I didn't respond or meet up with anyone. The guy I was with didn't have an online profile we met through fiends - so he had no idea that I was doing this.

Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine. I'm in the same boat.

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The person I am seeing is on match regularly. I check once in a while.

Girlfriend still using her dating profile.. - Forums

It does bother me, but at the same time as was said Meanwhile, I will be doing the same OP, if it's bothering you, ask her about it in a forthright but non-accusatory way. Tell her one of your friends who is on that site saw her on it and ask her why she said she would delete her profile but then didn't. I mean what else can you do? You need to ask her. I'd be totally pissed btw.

Girlfriend still using her dating profile..

Speaking from personal experience, this is a bad sign. I stuck it out and made an ultimatum last time this came up. She made another profile and stayed on the site. Began cheating while declaring love daily and pressuring me to shop for engagement rings.