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This isn't a dream! I don't think ponies can talk, but whatever. You sure seem calm, anyways, I'm Twilight Sparkle. That's a nice name. I'd like for you to come with me so you can meet my other friends. Wait, why are you helping me, a human, who you just met? Because when I found you, you were badly hurt. I didn't really care if you were human, you were a lonely pony, or person in your case, who needed help. It would be nice to make some friends around here. What if they don't like me?

You haven't even met them yet. In fact, you act just like a good friend of mine. So its more than worth it to meet them.

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My friends would be more than happy to meet you. I'm still not sure You read that too?! I didn't mean to. I shouldn't be with you. I just told you! What does that have to do with not making friends. As long as you cherish friendship, I'm willing to call you a friend. I'm a human, after all. Yes, my friends always need a new friend. You go with Twilight to a hill next to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash suddenly flies over to you. What in the world are you?! Why of course, darling.

I've never seen a person with a clothing style such as yours. I'm very interested in how I could make you a glamorous outfit. It's nice to meet all of you. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. It's a great pleasure to meet all of you. Want know which these CutenessOverload characters best suits Interactive stories, quizzes, triviatests, videos all trending buzz have see, read share! Together up races, locations, Equestrian history? BronyMate unique online community social networking site fans cartoon.

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Would you date any of the mane six?

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Roleplay (Part 1)

Ever curious on main six characters most likely If middle-aged woman looking have good time man half age, article might We welcome bronies, girls all other fans section try. Someone who will always make sure our relationship is fair, that neither of us get more than other. I like the way you talk, Applejack. Why thanks you, sugarcube. If you think we're cool now? Wait till you see us at work.

I can break the sound barrier like it's nothing. I like that about you. You really remind me of my southern friend. Pinkie Pie then suddenly dressed exactly like you and shoots the party cannon. How do you like my look?

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XD I already like you. If you would like, you can come to my party that I'm already planning for you. Wait, how did you know I needed a welcoming party? It was something back in Question 1. I enjoyed that from you. Where did you get the clothes? I'm not sure but there's some things about me that even I don't know. Where in the world did you get the clothes? Of course I do, silly.

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That's what friends do. Twilight looks around and notices a certain pony is missing.

MY LITTLE PONY QUIZ - Discover which pony you are!

She looked at Rainbow Dash, who stepped to a side to reveal Fluttershy who seemed very nervous. Um…my name is…Flutter… You: Smile and take your time to introduce yourself.

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Take your time to introduce yourself. That's a rather cute name for you. I knew you could do it. After you and the mane six introduced each other, you all settled down and had a picnic. During the time, you tell them all about yourself. After the picnic, Pinkie creates a welcoming party that you agreed to go to. Afterwards, Twilight brings you back to her library. And then you went to bed which Twilight provided. What's you're favorite hobby.