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With Less Stigma, More Dwarfs Date Average-Size Partners

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We have to listen to cater to recognize? Described himself as you may nurse their best prima ballerina tip-toe attempt. People tend to forget that dwarfs are, you know, actual human beings. You should also be mindful of how you address a person with dwarfism.

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Say you're at a business lunch: So if you ever find yourself at a table with a dwarf, you shouldn't do that to him or her, either. This is a common occurrence, Arnold says. Avoid acting like they can't handle themselves or make their own decisions. Thing is, just because they're both small in stature doesn't mean they're the same person. Plus, there's more than one type of dwarfism. Like Arnold, both Jonathan and Zach have achondroplasia , which is one of the most common types and is characterized by an average-sized trunk, short arms and legs, short fingers, and a large head. Still, more than types of dwarfism exist. Some little people may never receive a definitive diagnosis , according to the Little People of America.

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In Jonathan's video, strangers on the street and in a subway station casually snapped photos on their phones as he walked by. Or for any other reason.