Leo woman dating an aquarius man

She behaved as a queen, an angel, a sweet hummingbird. Her smile could melt him from across the room. Was that the sound of thunder I just heard? Did I just feel a rain drop on my face?

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Uh oh… looks like a storm is coming. Heat lighting, rolling thunder, torrential rain. His air creates a tornado and her fire whips around with it destroying their perfect heaven. She calls him stuffy, stingy, and sarcastic while he yells back that she is rude, regal, and resentful. Wait… what the hell just happened??? Polarities happened please see previous blog post for further understanding of polarities.

These two sit directly opposite of one another on the karmic wheel. Whenever this happens to any sign, there is always an instant attraction. Opposites definitely attract, especially in the case of this Leo woman and Aquarius man. She just needs to remember to not envy him but imitate the things he does well that she lacks. What these two need to stay away from is trying to top one another constantly. It must be a consistent effort on both ends of give and take. He just makes her want to let her hair down and run through a meadow of flowers with him in both an imaginative and realistic way.

The two things she envies most about this man is his freedom of expression, and his ability to be detached and unemotional because her passions tend to rule her reasoning which can lead her, at times, to regret her decisions. Maybe if she became close to him and a part of him, she could get to know his tricks?

She baffles him by giving him hope that there is more to a relationship than just an intellectual conversation. He looks at the Lioness as this mystical feline creature. She makes him think of love and emotions I can hear the Aquarian men gag when they read this part.

The Lioness makes his heart and body feel things he never thought he was capable of feeling. What is this crazy spell she has over him? He has never been this affectionate with a woman the way he has with her.

Leo Woman Aquarius Man Compatibility

This makes her feel not only comfortably emotionally, but sexually as well. Sometimes their sex can be so good that it ties their relationship together after they get into an argument. One thing this man needs to remember is this woman not only appreciates compliments, she needs them. The problem here is that Aquarian men, especially when in love, enjoy playing guessing games. You are wrong Aquarius….. Just pay her the damn compliment. She will just have to remember that this man is unpredictable and eccentric.

He does not casually give out love. You may be irritated with him for this, but remember my dear when he is holding hands with you in bed on a lazy Saturday morning that it is not what people say that matters, but what people do. Well writen, and you couldn't have said it any better. My Aquarian man's personality compliments mine and I compliment his. We have an unspoken understanding of the comfortability of being able to bring out each of our quirks. However we have yet to argue, we just understand each other in such a profound way. Things were going great with this Aquarius and I sex and all , but I realized I held a lot back from him didn't want to be vulnerable…pride made it easy for my Pisces co-worker to slip in when I became aloof as they were already friends and seemingly replace me.

When i'm upset my nasty Leo traits do come out, jealousy, scorn, and the feeling that I'm not on top. My mother is Aquarius and a lot of instant best friends are Aquarius'. I guess it just stinks cause I think he's a really great guy but I'm in losing battle with myself it seems more than anything. I amthe leo woman dating an aqua man and he is the best. The pull is so strong, I knew when I first met hin I wanted to be by hi side.

Past ten years 3 Aquarians…i get hooked in everytime with their charm.. Typing with fake nails on makes me look like an imbecile lol I hope you guys got my point…. I just hope he feels the same way..

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I been with my aqua for almost 2 years now it was hell of a rollercoaster with him not knowing what he wanted and his crazy mother who hated me for being so much older…. We have only been together for 3 weeks and things are sour right now because basically I ask him to love on me a certain way. I really like him ,I hope things will work out. Your email address will not be published. Get to know you or your relationship on a deeper level!

Ever wonder why you are a Scorpio, but all of your friends and lovers are Leos? She's also driven and passionate, especially in bed.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

A Leo woman loves to take the lead but may also become arrogant and stubborn. She can be overly emotional and let her strong feelings cloud her judgment. When she does get into a passionate argument, though, it isn't her style to hold a grudge. She is very forgiving, almost to a fault. Overall, a Leo woman just wants to have a good time and she wants to be the life of the party everywhere she goes.

They are friendly, practical, intelligent, kind and compassionate. A post shared by English Time englishtimedilokullari on Oct 26, at 2: Aquarius is an air sign given to people born between January 21st and February 19th. Aquarius men are outgoing and complex. An Aquarius man will have many friends but few will know him on a deep level.

He is creative in how he spends his time and always wants to try something new and exciting. He is a passionate lover and always willing to experiment with new things in the bedroom. An Aquarius man is faithful but unreliable and may act flighty when he wants to explore new things. Overall, an Aquarius man is always actively seeking adventure and making friends along the way. A friendship between a Leo woman and an Aquarius man would mean constantly doing something fun and exciting.

They would be the kind of friends who call each other up with ridiculous suggestions that no one else would go along with - and then actually do them.

Aquarius Man & Leo Woman: Love & Couple Compatibility

This friendship would be the ultimate party all the time because both Leo women and Aquarius men love to have fun. Aquarius are notoriously friendly, but a friendship with a Leo will mean someone who constantly challenges and pushes the Aquarius to be his best. Their friendship will foster creative collaboration and paves the way for business partnerships to thrive. Leo women and Aquarius men have adventurous and exciting souls, so committing to a real relationship is hard for them.

A strong friendship is the best way for a Leo woman and Aquarius man to get to know each other before taking the leap into dating. I'm so lucky to have this human by my side when life gets a little crazy. Between planning a wedding, prepping to go to Japan for 4 months, looking at buying stupid expensive flights to MN for Christmas, working, traveling, and buying a VAN!!! Sometimes a good old fashioned breakdown is what I need to get my butt in gear and start creating realistic planning goals. So all this is to say, if you need a little freak out, do it and embrace it.

Then move forward with an actionable step to make a change. That one step might be all it takes! A post shared by Lindsey Stanton lindseyanneoutside on Nov 17, at 9: Once they move beyond being just friends, a Leo woman and an Aquarius man wouldn't be going on the usual dinner and a movie dates like a normal couple.